iPad 5 128G Suddenly Started Crashing While Setting up Flight

My IPad 5 128G suddenly started closing IF app while setting up a flight. After or during selecting aircraft, building a flight plan, etc., app will close. Must reopen app, re-do flight plan etc. Then all is OK. So far, it has never crashed during flight! Have cleared the scenery cache. I make sure IOS is ‘clean’, no safari websites running, etc. Any suggestions? Many thanks. Love IF.


What is your current iOS version?

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Thank you for contacting support. As @Starley covered in his reply, some more information is required before we can help you. The following would be much appreciated:

  • What iOS version you are running.
  • What version of IF that you have.
  • What type of wireless you play on (WiFi or Mobile Data)
  • Any other info you think may help.

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Using IOS V.11.4 (15F79)

IF 2018, FMOD 2017 Firelight

182671134008 iPad6

Sat.Imagry 2017

On WIFI Comcast

Just downloaded the latest IOS version for iPad. Hope this will cure the ‘crashing to desktop’ while setting up a flight. If you can, please keep this thread ‘active’ for a couple weeks while I do some flying!

Thanks very much. Hooked on IF!


I was having some IF issues when I first got the latest iPad. If the update doesn’t work, then restart your iPad, then try. If it still is crashing, reinstall Infinite Flight.