Ipad 4 Generation?

A query?
Ipad 4 generation is good for IF I am about to buy it but before I would like to know if graphics are used well?


I don’t believe it is supported is it the air?

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Well, Depends how much RAM, Memory, and Storage The Device Can Handle. That you have to look on your own

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  1. Air 2
  2. Pro

I would buy the iPad air 2 or above

has 32gb I see it well for the game

I will save for one of those, what I do not want is to continue using my cell phone for the game

Ipad 4th generation is not a supported device.

I use a Pro
Very smooth and fast

I ve tried it in the 2 generation model and the high graphics do not move it, I make myself imagine that with the 4th generation you must move the middle

Ehrm, what i’m saying is that you can’t even download the current version with a device as old as 4th generation.


It is not air

I will have to save to buy an ipad air

Do you have the global update?

Well I really have not tried it and it would be better before the new version is downloaded I do not buy it


I have not tried it yet I will find out


Are you restricted to regions?

If so you have the old update. A few months ago IF was completely redeveloped to included the ability to fly anywhere in the world in real time with satellite imagery. There isn’t any point In getting the iPad 4 as it’s not supported. iPad Air and above are so look at them if you can afford them.

I have not tried it but I saw that it is from the 5th generation better I do not buy it

Yeah the Air is the oldest device which support the new update so unless you can get one of those, there isn’t much point in buying the 4th generation iPad.

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Avoid the 4th gen, it’s no longer supported by Apple itself so the Air 2 is the minimum suggested hardware to play IF safely.

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If I buy an Ipad Air 2 64GB I think it’s perfect for the IF

Thank you

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You will need to buy an iPad Air 2 or above to be able to play with the new update. This update includes flying around the world. You seem to have the old update, it is recommended to get the new update, since it has much better imagery and graphics. If your iPad does not support the new update, I’m afraid, like I said before, that you would need to get an iPad Air 2 or above. 😊

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