IPad 2020 App crashes

Before I state anything, if the tone or wording comes across as harsh I do not intend to cause any offence and I want to improve the situation not get into an argument or disagreement because the community is wonderful here.

I am highly frustrated in terms of app crashes on the IOS systems. I hear regularly about app crashes that occur which have been heightened over the last 6 months. Clearly there’s not been a fix in place or the attempted fixes just are not working.

Could we as a community get some sort of update as to the progress of fixing these crashes because I’m paying £10 a month for a game that can’t fulfil its primary purpose.

Here is a photo of my logbook from a couple days ago. Every incomplete destination is an app crash.

I run medium settings and limit my fps to 30. I am in tower view during most flights and I clear cache and restart the app/device before each flight

23.1 was an update in itself covering a lot of different crash scenarios.

And at this point it’s still too soon to determine whether or not the targeted fixes from our end have helped. Especially based on the reports seen so far with users flying with all settings maxed out on an iPhone XR or equivalent and somehow expects that to hold for an 8hr+ flight.

App crash troubleshooting is by far out most time consuming task and the one we’ve put countless hours into.


Can understand it is hugely time consuming.

Thank you for the update. Much appreciated.

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