iPad 2019 working on infinite flight

Hi all I’m thinking of getting an iPad 2019 for Christmas but just wondering if it runs the latest version of infinite flight


The latest iPad should definitely run Infinite Flight. My 2017 mode still runs it quite smoothly.

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hello! yes it will run it perfectly fine :)

Hey there!

Of course it does! Infinite Flight should run on most devices, it runs fine on my iPad mini 2 (quite old now!). Tell me what it’s like if you get it, I’d love to know how much of a difference it makes!


If it doesn’t, I will eat my shoes.


If you plan to eat your shoes, at least season them first. But to answer your question: My 1st generation iPad Pro (which is a few years old now) can run Infinite Flight on max graphics without any issues.

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Oh yeah? I’ll eat my feet!

no regerts

Yes it will, enjoy

Yes it will surely and it will be even ready for clouds and 3D buildings (tried it on an other FS)

I have the 2019 iPad and can confirm it runs like a dream. The graphics are excellent and it will happily run on full settings on an overnight flight with no problems at all. It’s worth mentioning that the device I am using is the 2019 Apple iPad Pro 11 inch 256GB and use it exclusively only for Infinite Flight and one email app and have never let it run for extended periods off charge, so can’t comment on battery life with Infinite Flight.

Having never used I.F on any other device other than an Apple iPad (older generation and new) I can’t compare for you, but either way you won’t be disappointed with the 'Pro.

Hope this helps your choice!

When it comes to eating shoes, I’d recommend eating Nike shoes. As I’ve heard that Adidas and the rest of them taste disgusting. Hope I helped 👍👍👍

It will work when you first buy it, but don’t expect to be able to run max graphics for long. I bought a new iPad mini last year specifically for infinite flight and after the A320 update the frame rate dropped dramatically so now I have to run it on medium settings.

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