iPad 2018 edition question

With me having an incidence with IF while I was gone on Saturday I came to thinking. If I was to screen record a ultra long haul flight with my iPad that has about 100GB of storage would it run out of room and stop recording?

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It should not run out of storage unless there are a lot of other big files on your iPad. How long is your flight?

Would only be on long flights(10+ hours) and I would delete the video after if nothing happened

Adding onto what Geniusman said, it would also probably take a while to actually appear in your photo library after you hit stop.

I honestly would not care as long as nothing happens (like me unexpectedly stalling at a very unusual altitude for an airliner). I am more wanting to use it just in case I run into problems

The new 2018 iPad is fantastic with how it runs so if you want to screen record then I personally wouldnt see a problem with that. For extra precaution though before the flight just restart your ipad, make sure nothing is running in the background and all your settings are turned to low during cruise. That way you don’t overload the iPad and make sure the screen recording can take up as much power as it needs.

As to worrying that the screen recording will “cause problems” with the game itself then I highly doubt it. The integrated screen recorder from apple does nothing but record the screen. The only possible issue that you could run into is the entire game crashing if you overload your iPad but I really doubt it will happen considering how good the new iPad is.

Take my advice with a grain of salt. I’m not the most knowledgable person out there.

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I was more curious on I would really run out of memory on a very long haul flight. but @schyllberg and I talked in a PM and I had it answer a mod can close this

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