iPad 2018 Bad Performance


My game just crashed on final at LAX after a 17+ hour flight. Very frustrating. I’m aware that a flight of that length is pushing the limits of the device but nonetheless my iPad is less than a year old and has plenty of available storage. I was running on low graphics, limit frame rate on, anti aliasing off, and low brightness. There were only a few other planes around me, and my airplane count was on low. What do you guys recommend I do? Has anyone else been experiencing issues with this device?

Did you have any 3rd party apps running?

It happens to me too… I suggest you to pm a mod for this.

Yes, IFA and IF Ops, could that be contributing to the problem?

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Very much so… Especially on an ultra long haul… I can d 40+ hour flights on medium settings on my Ipad mini 5. No third party app let alone two:)


So maybe my solution would be only using third party apps on short flights?

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Describe the crash more. When you came back to your device, what did you see?

Yup. I have both of those apps on my S8 but never use them but I do some 20hr flights without problems. Tbh being the galaxy lover that I am I’d say your problem is that it’s an Apple device but I’ll leave that fir another day. R.I.P your flight

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I had been monitoring my device for hours since I woke up. I descended, and made an approach, at about 2000ft and hand flying, the app quit and sent me to my iPad home screen.


Why were you running at such low settings? Had you been experiencing issues prior?

I was just trying to reduce the risk of an app crash. I have had app crashes similar to this before

Was this LAX on the training server or the expert server? Did you ever need to contact ATC?

Expert server, no ATC.

I think in the “investigation” we have here we shouldn’t discredit the possibility of a one off incident frustrating as it might be. Have you had any thing like this prior?

Yes I have had this before

Try a long flight again, this time without the 3rd party add-ins and see if you get it again. Be sure to reboot your device ahead of time.

Yep, I just saw this, took me too long to type… 😂

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Ok, I’ll come back to this topic later thanks for the help everyone!

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there is no specific reason for that it can happen completely randomly. I use an I pad pro (2019) and even I can tend to get a freeze followed by a game crash from time to time (very rare though).

Theres not much u can do about it, u can only make better chances of it not happening by:

  • using low graphics (+ long haul mode)
  • turn down brightness
  • close all other apps
  • keep free storage
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I’ve had issues with the same device. Things to do.

  • Reboot device(as @Chris_S says)
  • Keep enough free storage
  • Reinstall Infinite Flight
  • Close other unnecessary apps leaving only the 3rd party apps functional in the background.
  • The device runs well with high settings though you may turn off anti-aliasing to get the best performance

I hope that the following steps would be of use to you.

All the best,

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