iPad 2 Crashes

NEW UPDATE is causing my iPad to crash everytime I’m preparing to fly. Are the bug issues being worked on to be corrected ???

THis is happening to me too

Please add exact device name, software version and steps for reproducing.

Same here, it crashes 9/10 times when I fly.
iPad mini 1
iOS 9.2.1

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It seems like older devices are really affected by this update.

Try finding solutions HERE

I have an ipad 2 and that keeps crashing. particularly when there is a lot of traffic around. Tried all sorts clearing memory by switching off, clearing out games and software i don’t use. changing settings to remove notifications, location services etc. altering If settings to lowest possible. The problem has alomost made IF unuseable in on line mode. added to which, the small font is almost impossible to read.

Happening to me to, I can’t even start taxiing

At this time the iPad 2 is considered an old device (5 years old) and might not be able to handle Infinite Flight any more, as old specs on the device make it hard for developers to make it compatible.
-Lower in game graphic setting
-Close all other background apps

Me too I messaged philipe . We should all do this and then maybe some intention will arise too it

Me too iPad 2 iOS 9.2.1 Are they working on this ?!

Is it me or this new update has lots of bugs?

Forward all concerns about crash issues to support@infinite-flight.com

You should still be able to use the device but the quality of the game might be affected as Jake said:

My iPad 2 iOS 9.2.1 , how is possible to say “considered an old device”?, I´ve been playing this amazing game for many time, even I bought many plane, airport, and now i cant play after updating the last version?, would you please make a new version to fix this bugs?, thanks in advance.

same thing is happening to me, I have an iPad 2, ios 9.3.5, whenever I spawn to an airport with quite a lot of traffic, the iPad glitches first then i’m back to the home page.