iOS10 works with Infinite Flight!

I recently got the beta for IOS10 and it works with Infinite Flight!


Many users already have iOS ten on here. It’s not supported by Infinite Flight though so there may be bugs.


Yea, but it does work!

Yeah, people have known this for a while now.


Great, I downloaded iOS 10 on my phone not my iPad because I didint know if IF would work on it. Good to know

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Laura and Philippe will be happy :)

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Don’t tag the devs, learned from experience 😉

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Just because it works now, doesn’t mean the app won’t crash later 😏

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True that!

Works fine, have worked fine since the Public Beta 1 was released and probably will continue to do so. I haven’t had a single app crash with it.


You can still have crashes if your device is too slow though…

Which is not related to iOS 10…

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Exactly, I posted a bug report and stated my version. Everyone piled on saying that it’s all my fault for having iOS 10, so making sure that iOS 10 is not the only thing to blame if you encounter bugs.

It works perfectly

Well, i would say iOS 10 is probably never the reason. One important thing with bugs though: Make sure they are reproducable. If it only happens once then it’s not really an issue. But if you can repro it using certain steps, then there’s an issue :)

You should never download it on primary devices anyway. Apple recommend a out of warranty device or a secondary device like a second phone as there are chances of things going wrong which potentially could brick your device and the terms or conditions most likely put all liability on yourself so don’t put it on all your devices as a precaution

Had IOS 10 since the first beta came out, never found any bugs that hindered me from playing IF

Yeah it’s reproducible, don’t worry.

Yeah, last time I did one everyone kept suggesting that it was iOS 10, but it’s not.

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I remembered someone here community member using iOS 10 too, its work well for certain period, after that its keep crashing for no reason.