iOS10 updates aftermath

  1. Connection Issue
    It went all orange the sign of connection disconnected as soon as I started to fly.

  2. Map Issue
    I let the pics do the talking.


For the map try hide terrain

On the maps have you tried to hide terain and then show it. Sometimes that works.

Believe me when I say NONE is working rn.

Done that a few times.

Solution found. Whenever the first time it didnt work at all. I close the app from the background, and restart it again. And it seems like okay now.


That’s issue is going to be 90% most Likley on your end. It’s just a bad combination of events, not due to iOS10

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The servers were down for a bit earlier so it could’ve been that as well

IF isn’t supported on ios10 so that is probably why it wasn’t working.

IF runs fine in iOS 10 for me

With the new update I have some bugs with infinity flight right now the worst is when I’m in flight the plane starts vibrating without any bad weather I even tested with solo mode it’s the same , and also the colors of others aircrafts are degraded I think the developers will fix that’s thanks for all.😔

Any time an operating system changes or updates, there’s some potential for issues. Rest assured the development team is tracking things carefully and will have solutions as soon as possible should something come up.

Thank you. :)


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