iOS Users Battery Usage Tip

After updating my iPad to iOS 10, I have noticed a ridiculous usage of battery power when I run IF, that is until I found out the problem, and it was not even IF related. Go into settings and disable “Background App Refresh” on apps you do not need it to run on, I hope this gives you the ability to have longer lasting flights! Also a thought: Even though your device is at maybe 40%, there is no reason to charge it yet, use it until maybe… 10% or maybe even 5% this will “train” your battery to last longer. Also, I know a lot of IF users do this: Charging while playing, this is a very bad thing to do as it actually can “teach” your battery to be “lazy” so to speak.

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Makes no difference when you charge it during a flight or after, it’s a battery not a lazy worker


Please wait until you’re a regular to post something like this. :)