iOS Updates Later Than Androids

I’m not sure if this has been answered or not or if I’m allowed but if i could ask why is the Infinite Flight updates later compared to Android? My friend has an Android tablet and his updates are always out earlier than IOS.

Apple reviews the update more carefully

Apple check updates for bugs and viruses while google play or whatever the store is doesn’t.


Thank you for clarifying


What does this show?

Not infinite flight

Does anyone how long they usually take to check?

Hello and welcome to the forum Adlee_Turner!

Have you tried just search for this on google? You will find very quickly that Apple has a review process every time a developer pushes a update or new app to the market. Or just look around here on the forum, this has been discussed before. :)

They shorten the days sometimes. But is is a couple of day according to Apple not a week.

Thank you, no I haven’t sorry, I wasn’t too sure if it would have worked but thank you to everyone who has helped clarify this for me :)

No worries, the will probably be available on the App Store soon. :)

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I’m hoping it will be very soon but until then I’ll carry on flying planes on IF :)

Not just that, but Android’s user base is a lot smaller than the iOS user base. The devs release updates for android first to fix eventual bugs, before releasing it for iOS. :)

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The main reason is Apple have a review system to make sure apps are up to their standard, android doesn’t do this that’s why they get if first

Laura didn’t Even put it up for review before fixing the bugs induced on Android. So you’re both right and wrong, it isn’t the main reason, but Apple’s review process is indeed more thorough

Apple generally takes an 2 days -1 week to check for bugs and viruses. I don’t know about their new “fast updates” but that’s what the standard is. They check every single file in the application to see if the update is ready to be pushed out. It makes the app more secure and better, but takes longer. I am on iOS too so I’m still waiting for the update. 😐

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1-2 weeks? It has never taken that long for IF. Maybe once…

The review process is approx. 2 days now.

I said it takes 1-2 weeks to check after submission. IF probably submitted the update like a week ago.

No, Laura pushed the update at 2 am pacific time.

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