iOS Update - it will come when it comes

Guys and Girls

Please all stop asking and trying to guess when the update comes…

When it comes, it will come, and you will be able to fly it.

Seeing all of the update posts on the forum about the update is now becoming quite annoying.

Just be patient. All of this will not hurry the update up.

There is no need to keep posting ‘Still No Update’ or anything. When it is released, be sure to know about it!


Thank you for this!


This should help out until the update comes out !

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I hope it does!

I just wish people would wait until the update comes out. We know when it has been sent off, and we know that Apple takes time.

Patience is a virtue

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But 99.8% of the people here don’t have virtues…


Well, learn it then.

Patience gets you far in life.

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I never said I don’t have patience…

@planemadblog we are calm and waiting :)

meaning the ones that you say don’t - not you…

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Yeah. Like almost everyone. :P

many people are spamming this forum with ‘still no update’ - its unnecessary

Yeah. The update is in Apple hands. It takes maybe 3 days, 7 days or 10 days. We have to wait.

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When did it come out on android?

when it was pushed… Android do not have such a testing and approving procedure

The Dash 8 you mean? The Dash 8 update came out last friday.

Okay. Thanks.

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It’s time to get out the box of pushpins and put this at the top of the corkboard. Mods

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Nah, just flag all the new update threads.


So many threads about this. Why can’t people just stop be glad for security on Apple’s end


Unlike Skype’s etc with their extremely frequent and useless small updates (for rating renewal possibly),

IF update provides some new content. Apple testers simply liked new Dash (and dont care about liveries) a lot so they can’t stop flying it 😅 And make iOS users even more jealos


(Please dont take it serious 😊)

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