IOS to windows

Hi I have infinite flight on my ipad just now learning you cna get it on the computer will i have to pay the price of the app again if so will I atleast get the 10 planes and airports i paid for thanks

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I’m sorry, you currently cannot purchase Infinite Flight on the computer. That will hopefully come in the future:)

nvm mind i read it wrong thanks then how are some people on youtube doing it ex youtube channel:Infinite Flight Multiplayers channel is do it thanks

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Android comes equip with a built in recorder, on IOS you need to use Shou or AirPlay it to your computer and record it there.

i dont quite think you under stand he is using the sim on the computer it will show his mouse also how do you see your landings and your count and stuff casue i want to see what i need to get to grade 3

Well, there are some programs that show your apple device on your computer. As of now there is no way to see your grade and qualifications.

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Can you see what else i need inorder to reach grade 3

Check this:)

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Thanks you:)