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Would love to know how everyone here prefers to fly. Anyone able to use a computer screen via HDMI screen and connect a flight yoke? Love this game would just love to able to put it on a larger screen


You can airplay onto a Mac, or on a windows computer too.

To airplay on a windows computer, you can simply download a screen mirror app from the internet and see your device enlarged on your windows computer!


I personally don’t like running IF through a second screen as I can’t see where my fingers are in relation to the screen- ipad for controlling and flying for me!
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I’ve used Lonely Screen to display my flight on my PC screens. It’s an okay download.

I also have Apple TV 4K. That’s nice if you have the cash 💰


I also recommend you watch this video. It should help you when it comes to hooking up your yoke.


I use the above joystick shown in that video above with my two devices hooked up next to my flying one, one is my laptop in which I use null weather for an overview of wind current, and webex to share my screen, as well as the IF community (on occasions). The other tablet is to track myself via live flight so I don’t run into a mountain…because I would never do that 👀 👀 👀 👁👁


Personally, I don’t use any other device and I don’t use any joystick. Now that I got my iPad though, I use ForeFlight to make my flight plans and sometimes to watch the progress of my flight, live. I used a joystick in the past, but it was very momentary as I had many issues with it.

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Typically I play on my iPad, and when I’m able I Airplay onto a TV. It’s pretty great. :)

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Buy a Apple TV I got one last Christmas and mine works great

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