IOS to Android

I have a live subscription. Recently my iPAD broke and is now useless. It will be some time before I can get a new one. I am able to log on using my phone, which is android, but I can’t access all of the planes and regions that I’ve purchased.

Do i have to buy them again?

No, you shouldn’t. Make sure you logged into the correct account. Check your internet, etc.

I have used IF on multiple devices. Sometimes the planes and regions will have the orange (not purchased) icon next to it, but if you look in the bottom corner, instead of having a price, it just says “download” or “update”

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Only Live will transfer. Planes and Regions won’t transfer I’m afraid :-(.

As IceBlue said, only Live tranfers. Unless you have Yearly Live you will have to buy the planes and regions again.

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