IOS still crashing

Hi, I was just getting minimums at SYD and my game crashed out of nowhere. I thought this was fixed??

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It is a issue with the servers right now. The mods are working to fix it

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Alright thank you.

This is a known issue as the servers are very busy at the moment. This happens to everyone and devs are looking into it.

Due To The New 20.1 Update, Everyone INCLUDING IOS Users wants to play. of course this can not happen to everyone, but if you are lucky enough to spawn in, then chances are your FPS will drop down, and you will most likely to lag out. Please be patient as the dev team is working in to it. :)

-Julian K.


Android also
My device in 19.4 not crash ever
Just in 20.1

Havent been able to fly at all today everytime I di a flight it crashes🤦🏽‍♂️

Here are some things that I have done to prevent battery drainage and crashing issues

So, to maintain battery, you should use the charger that was provided when purchasing your device. Because those chargers are made for your device that you use.

Do not unplug your device during flight

When not touching the screen and leaving it alone, you device will start to recharge

Sitting in a dark room with the brightness all the way down allows for great battery saving

Turning on Night Mode with apple helps bring out the details and enhances the quality without draining your battery

this is what i noticed, hope it helps

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