iOS Screen Recordings

Hey everyone, lately I’ve been brave enough to capture one of my approach/landings. The new iOS feature that lets you record your screen is pretty nifty. A few minutes in iMovie and I might be able to fool a complete novice into thinking I know what I’m doing!

This is a landing at Gibraltar International Airport or North Front Airport (IATA: GIB, ICAO: LXGB)… forgive my poor piloting skills!

Would love to see some other videos!


That recorder is quite nifty indeed, but I prefer QuickTime on the Mac. It’s higher resolution recording, but the downside, it can’t smoothly record 60fps.

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I have been doing some recordings, but unfortunately i can’t share them on here 😂

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How does one record on the Mac?

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Screen recording software… i would check google for that.

I mirror the iPad screen onto the Mac, and use QuickTime to record that

Im not sure advertising is allowed but goodluck

Here’s my youtube channel where you can some beautiful IOS screen recording videos.

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