iOS screen recording - ReplayKit

iOS 9 came with replay kit, making it easier for devs to add screen recording.

I’d love to see this added to IF!


Aren’t most people on IOS 10?


It was introduced in iOS 9 - iOS 10 has it.


I swear at one point they had (or still have) screen recording for Android, but could not get it to work for IOS?

Either way, provided it works ok on longer videos this would be cool.


I think it does work on longer video’s, but don’t quote me on that.

Yes please! We’re behind Android. It’s such a great feature, a must for IF.


All IF needs is to add a share button at the bottom next to the replay button when you view your recording, basically IF already has a built in screen recording, you just can’t save or share it.You can only watch it.


I just hope IF can support this ReplayKit thing.

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All apps can. I think it’s just another thing in X-Code, but I’m not sure.

I’d love to see this. Would be a great addition to Infinite flight.


FDS don’t use Xcode though…


I’m sure there is a way. It’s just some framework, but I don’t really know much about it as I don’t develop iOS apps. :)

Yes! It’s the only way to screen record in IOS, without downloading a possible scam app. I think ALL apps should have replay kit. Wait. Why doesn’t Apple make replay kit a default screen recording app, to just screen record like Airshou! Anyway, this would be great.

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I’ve chosen to never look for any apps. Instead just connect my ipad to my mac and record.

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Lot’s of people don’t have Mac’s, so they can’t do that.


Yeah, it’s Visual Studio/Xamarin, not Xcode. You can still access all of the Cocoa Touch frameworks though, which includes ReplayKit.

I recall there was some issue with a 3rd party library that caused a crash on iOS, hence it was kept off that platform; no idea whether it’s still not resolved or they just forgot, but that’s why it wasn’t included to begin with


It seems to work well on all the games I have it on.

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I’m pretty sure Apple will have fixed it by now.

This is a good request and all but please do not bump your topic by doing a sneaky edit to your last reply.

This topic will get more attention eventually, just be patient please.

Thank you. :)


Apple is concerned that someone could hack into that feature and continue recording after you’ve ended the recording session, possibly making your passwords vulnerable. Security is a big deal for Apple.

Would love to be able to record flights on my apple somehow without a sketchy app. I never see my landing outside the cockpit view anymore lol