iOS screen recorder iOS 10

I was only bringing up air server because the screen recorder app thing looked a bit dogy

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Believe me it is 100% legitimate and works fine

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Does it work offline?

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I don’t understand - it is completely in house no third party devices are needed

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Personally I’m waiting for replaykit to hopefully be added,

I’d rather not install dodgy profiles onto my device. 😊


Once again not dodgy - I have been using it for months. And I doubt screen kit will be added anytime soon

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Fully agreed. I will never install anything that does not come from the app store. ;)


Check this out:

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I understand there are some that are dodgy but around 20 of my friends have been using this app and so have I for the past month and a half. Nothing has happened to my phone or iPad. You guys can use it if you want but this software is completely safe

How do you know that malicious software has not been installed on your phone secretly and that someone is recording you right now?

Yes, I might seem naive, but I just care about my privacy.

Because you don’t give this software access to your camera…

First of all, not spendin $20 for a recorder.

Secondly, I believe this is a dodgy source.

Believe what you want but through extensive use it has shown no problems to me. And the $20 is only if you want to record for longer.

Exactly. I want to record for longer. What is the point?

For VA trailer use, for highlights, short final, montage, video recap, short pause/play tutorials and the list goes on …

Eh. Not gonna take word from a anonymous person online, sorry.

Then why bother coming on the forum at all if you are not open to suggestions?

I know that sounds harsh and am sorry - it wasn’t meant to come across like that

How about use Cydia Inpactor to install Airshou

Air shou never worked for me on any device

Used Cydia Impactor yet?