iOS or Android

Hey all, I’m deciding on getting a device solely for the purpose of Infinite Flight.
Currently, I’m using an S7 Edge that seems to have issues running high/medium graphics.

What are pros and cons between the iPad or any Samsung Tabs?
Budget and graphics would be my main concern.

Example question -
I’ll most likely be multitasking while flying - checking for live flight information, checking airport diagrams for taxiing, etc. Would iOS be preferred since they have the “best” multitasking chip?



If you use any new device, they are going to run everything at full graphics. I have to say, android is usually cheaper, but it very much does depend on the exact device. If you want an iOS device that runs global great at full graphics and isn’t going to completely smash your bank account, then I recommend the iPad 2017. Noting the multitasking thing, iOS 11 is absolutely brilliant for multitasking. In the end it’s up to you.
I’m probably quite biased as I am very much an iOS person (I find it much more user friendly).


Maybe a poll would be handy. I prefer iOS because usually in Apple devices the processors are more powerful. iOS 11 is also great for multitasking.

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Technally it really doesn’t matter what device you get. You mainly need the fps, the framerate, the ram, and memory. All smartphones have that but your best option would be IOS

I recommend an iOS device, definitely an iPad.

Ive never used Samsung but iPads have been so reliable to me over the years and there very powerful for IF.

I find the interface on iOS to be more simplistic to use…I’m just biased on that comment lol.

Im not sure what your price range is but if you can mange to get an iPad Pro 10.5, go for that. If not the iPad 2017 will still run everything very well.

Good luck!

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Get an IPad 2017, it’s great value and in terms of tablets iOS is the best you can get.

IPad Pro ! Amazing, and IF is known to run better on IOS since global

Seems like iOS and the 2017 iPad are dominating without any hesitation…

Found an iPad 2017 for $250CAD. Looks like I’m going to be back with the iOS gang!

Thanks everyone!

Yeah with tablets it should always be iOS but with phones I would say each to their own.

I use a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. Whilst iOS tablets are faster, with a better selection of optimised apps, I don’t like iOS. Android has greater options for customisation and generally has expandable storage support, which makes an android tablet more suited to my needs.

iOS Pros and cons:

  • Pros: Simple to understand and use, better app optimisation, tablets running
    iOS are faster than those running android. Also, iOS is more secure, and less
    susceptible to malware.

  • Cons: Device and operations system are locked, and have fewer customisation options. No expandable SD card storage.

Android is almost the opposite, with greater options for customisation and expandable storage compatibility, but also can be more complex depending on the device and manufacturer, with fewer apps optimised for tablets. Android devices in general are not as fast as their iOS counterparts, although this is not a serious issue (I can run Infinite Flight smoothly on max settings). Malware is also a greater concern on android, but so long as you’re careful you shouldn’t have problems.


Interesting to see this:

I don’t know much about graphics, but I can’t seem to run IF smoothly even on the S7 Edge.
My phone doesn’t have many apps on it, I have about 15GB left on the phone storage meaning that it’s almost like clear of any unnecessary clutter.

Is it due to optimization between phones and tablets?

iOS is probably the way to go. Newer devices are better, but even my comparatively old 6s can easily do ULHs on full graphics.

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If you can I would get a iPad Pro 12.9 2017 as that one runs IF amazing and has some Pro only features like the Apple Pencil for other apps. And the screen is big enough to enjoy the gorgeous IF scenery!
One last thing,
The Pro also has the option for fast charging something no other IPad has where you can use a 29 watt charger for faster charging over the usual 10-12 watt charger.

It’s very simple. Android OS is a development for mass market and all sort of devices with wide variety of capabilities. It’s self explanatory that that means a trade-off.

iOS is an OS targeting specific group of devices optimized for stability, performance, and usability on those devices.

So, just because of that, I would simply chose for iOS.

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Same with my 6S Plus.

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Great debate here, I agree with most of What I see here. It comes down to what do you want to do with your device? Just want something to run IF and and play store apps then iOS is probably the way to go. If you want expandability and customization then android is the choice. Myself I prefer Android because I have total control over the operating system and what it does, you know geek stuff. I just recommended if you go with android that it’s not so much the CPU speed that matters as it is the GPU speed. I have an Nvidia Shield dedicated to IF, it’s fast, stable and it didn’t break the bank.

I recommend getting the iPad Pro 10.5 because that is the newest one and runs very well with IF, I know because that’s the devise I use.

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I recommend iPad 2017

I recommend iPad Pro 10.5. For me, it is extremely smooth and you can use Infinite Flight on its maximum settings.

Android device s are cheaper. Don’t buy mediattek phones, they multitask worse. Last year’s LG are generally very cheap , especially used ones. Multitasking on android very much depends on the manufacturer.