iOS message box issue

So yesterday, I set off from KLAX heading literally anywhere. The problem is, I got a message box asking to update to iOS 11.4. This is a major issue, since apple pushes new updates a lot. What’s sad is that I only came across the message box in the morning, A.K.A. right now.

Is there any way to get rid of iOS message boxes while You are away, or just make Infinite Flight keep running aside the message box?

Thank You.

P.S. Not in #support, because I don’t think it is an Infinite Flight issue. Correct me if I am wrong though.

Honestly, I had issues until I updated to 11.4. Just update and you won’t regret it :)


Adding to what Levet said;
Updating to 11.4 also takes care of the issue of you getting popups all the time ;)

Seriously though, i doubt there is a way to disable them. I was pretty annoyed at this myself yesterday for the same reasons as you, and my iPad is running the public betas so get a few updates every week.


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