[iOS] Looking for a Trainer

Hi pilots - and flight attendants! ✈️

Following my previous posts, I am looking for a personal trainer. Especially someone who has advanced to become an expert!

~ Why am I looking for a trainer?

This is because I need someone who will explain everything about an airplane to me. Also that someone trains me well to become a good - virtual - pilot => landing, takeoff, exceptions, procedures

~ What can I offer you back?

In the first place a lot of respect and on the other hand - perhaps - a contribution for the help!

Does this appeal to you? Then don’t hesitate to send me a message about your qualities, tutorials and - or screen recordings!

Thank you very much for your hospitality!


Just watch the youtube tutorials. Its a free trainer!


In addition to watching Infinite Flight’s tutorials on Youtube, check out the #tutorials section of the forum, where different community members and staff have taken the time to create helpful tutorials.


In addition, on of the best ways to build flight experience is to gain flight hours. You will get an idea of how to control and handle your aircraft, communicate with atc, and flight/fuel planning.

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