[iOS] LiveFlight ~ Yoke

Well, hello there!

I was thinking what I could buy for Infinite Flight, and I thought of a yoke!

To start with a little information about the situation:

~ I only use Apple ~ iOs
~ I can play Infinite Flight on all kinds of devices: iPhone X, iMac, Macbook Pro & iPad

I want to buy this yoke:
Logitech G Saitek Pro Flight Yoke

But the question is whether it is compatible with iOs. Or not? Because after a few searches I haven’t found anything about this yoke!

Thanks in advance for the information!

Yes the Saitek Pro Flight Yoke works with iOS; you just need liveflight connect to connect your yoke to. See this tutorial for help.

Welcome to the IFC!


Thank you very much for the fast reply!


No problem. 😉

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Just letting you know that using a yoke with Infinite Flight can be a bit of a hassle as it takes away the ease of use and portability that the sim is recognised for. If you can, try a yoke before you purchase it. I bought one a few years back and its not the most intuitive process setting everything up over and over if you want to fly without it. The best Infinite Flight experience is the handheld cable-free experience.

Just my thoughts!



Thank you for sharing your opinion!

It’s my first time that I’ve purchased a yoke. Tomorrow I can finally get hold of it and I will try it out suddenly! 😁

To be honest, with only the iPad, it’s also great to “practice”, but landing remains a disaster. That is just about the biggest reason for this purchase.

I will keep you informed! ✈️

Are you also getting the rudder pedals made by Saitek, or just the yoke?


I will first use the yoke for a few - 2 - weeks until I am used to it, and then I am also planning to get the pedals.

Do you recommend the pedals or do you have any experience with them?

I have tried to hook them up before, and the result was not the best. Infinite flight recognized the pedals were there, but it said that there were over 1000 axes and over 800 buttons. The app recognized everything else, even the Saitek Panels, except the rudder pedals. So I am currently using a joystick until I can figure out how to get IF to recognize them properly. I will hopefully be attempting it again with the help of another person on the forum. So I will make sure to keep you updated on how that goes.

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I have pedals to. Long story short they work as a throttle, pitch, and roll, but not as rudder. The app doesn’t recognize it as a rudder.

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Goodmorning! ✈️

Thank you for the useful information! I’ve just done a search on how you can best adjust the pedals. Maybe you haven’t done this yet.



The person I contacted said that it was just plug-and-play and, for the link, since FSX is a computer simulator, you have a lot more control over the configuration of the controls, than with IF.

Useful to know!

I have finally been able to install everything and now it is time to install everything on the iMac.!


Update: Using the home with the iMac and iPad, you will run in to a lot less problems than me. I am using an iPad and a Windows computer. Since you have an iMac and an iPad, I recommend you contact @Edward_Fish to get everything set up once you have the rudder pedals, as he know how to set it up with the iMac, as the LiveFlight Connect for Windows and iMac is different and allows you to do different things.


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