iOS joystick

Maybe I could email you the folder or something . Is that legal or something.

Idk about that but I guess search it up first and see what it says if it says yes then send me a pm

I mean it doesn’t work anyway. Like it slightly does but maybe I can share it to you.

Ok im gonna send you a pm soon

if you’ve already made it on a site, can you please link it so we can try it out? or too many bugs?

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Yes, it’s a website but it cannot provide to you because it has to be run on the local machine which has to run as a manual process and also cannot be an online version because the website when it was on the server cannot connect to the Game.

for the Application like Map Connect, I’m not starting yet. very busy lately and I have to look for the develop LC for MacOS which very expansive. for the bug, I found it’s because the game itself doesn’t apply the command when the app interact with. it broke sometimes like Map Connect

Hmm Ok Nice to hear on the update

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I will test it again til I found the root problem why the game freeze to accept the command. to make sure when I start to create a new it will not wasting the time and will communicate with The game’s developer


Any more progress?

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I was just about to ask as well lol

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@nslog0, forgot to tag

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How’s the progress going hoping to get it soon also will it work with a Mac because I hope it does Good Luck!

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