iOS/iPadOS 13 & joysticks / gamepads

since iOS & iPadOS 13 came out, we have the possibility to connect gamepads and joysticks to our iPhones & iPads, over both USB & bluetooth. It works amazing, I am flying with Xbox one gamepad on iPad for more than a month.

There are two issues though.

  1. After 15 min inactivity, the gamepad goes to sleep and after waking it up, it is impossible to reconnect it during a flight. It is connected to the device, but the app just can’t use it. That renders landings without APPR impossible, so you have to kill the flight. With a new flight, the gamepad works again.

  2. Some custom button mappings get reset every time you get out of the app. So far i had problems with camera movement - it always resets to the right stick.

Is there any way for this to be fixed? :)


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I’m here with you. Camera movement always gets reassigned every time I launch the app. It always reverts back to the right thumb stick on the PS4 controller.

Interested in seeing this improved as well.

Does the joystick work after IOS13 update?

Tbh no offence but playing IF on PS4 controller is like playing shooters on the yoke.

Is it better to use then the built in gyroscope in a phone or tablet? Genuinely curious. You could just use an app like Fly-By-Wire or InfiniteX?


I have a Logitech 3D side stick, can i plug it directly to my iPad?! And if yes; how?! Cause I’m suffering from the network method

Are the rest of you’re controls not working as well?

Once i start using the gamepad, accelerometer & gyro are ignored. So even after the gamepad disconnects, i can’t fly by tilting the iPad (even after recalibration). All i’m able to use is everything touchscreen-wise.

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Can’t say anything about this particular device, but I tried to connect Xbox One Bluetooth controller via cable and it worked on the iPadOS 13 beta. Now i just use it over bluetooth. You may try connecting it trough USB-A -> USB-C adaptor if you have iPad Pro or USB-A -> Lightning adaptor if you have any other iPad.

Haven’t tried the InfiniteX or Fly By Wire, but it is waaaaay more precise than build in gyro. Also you dont have to hold the weight of the tablet, which is nice.

did you reset control settings

I’ve tried that just now without any luck. Actually, not even the bars in Key/Axis move when i toggle the gamepad.

When I tap Show Devices, it shows 3 gamepads (4 total devices) when it’s working and 2 gamepads (3 total devices) when it’s not. This is another bug, since i only ever had 1 gamepad.

It all works again just by ending the current flight.

It comes with the old USB (not sure if it’s called USB-A)… If I bought USB to lightening adapter; would it works?!

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