iOS/iPad OS 13.4

Hello. Apple released 13.4 yesterday and I haven’t updated either my iPhone or iPad Air yet as I’ve heard that it is still riddled with bugs. I’m curious if anyone has updated to 13.4 and if it has created any issues with IF? Thank you.

@Tsumia Your thread linked has nothing to do with the OP’s question. I suggest taking a good read.

@AT-ATL, as Apple has released the new update, I personally have not downloaded it yet, however I’m downloading it soon. I’ll send you any feedback and get back to you with any findings.


Adding on to @Tsumia, you you wish to continue discussing this issue which many of us iOS users have aced, then you may kindly do so in the link provided below :)

iOS 13.4 has been reported by a few to cause crashes occur more frequently, others say it’s better. It goes both ways really. In the end, whether you update your device or not, the amount of RAM your device has will playa major role too, when it comes to the frequencies of app crashes.

I myself, on my iPhone 11 Pro Max have noticed fewer crashes, and can do longer flights. As for my iPad, I’m still rocking 13.3 something there.


I’ve got it running on both my devices, works fine. Only problem I have is that with the iPad OS mouse support the first generation Magic Mouse can’t scroll, everything else is fine… 😊


Thanks, @anon24319801 (and I look forward to your feedback when you do update) and @KPIT, for the feedback. I’ve heard there are security fixes in iOS 13.4, hence my desire to update both devices, but I may wait a few days before doing the update.


I’m not going to stop you from waiting, but between my phone (11 pro) and my iPad (mini 4) I’ve experienced no problems whatsoever. The mouse support has been fantastic except for the small problem with my particular mouse as I mentioned, and on the phone it’s almost entirely the same. Few new Memoji stickers apparently and other small stuff, but it’s all good as far as I can tell.

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Ok, good to know. I have the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPad Air 2019 (3rd gen) and luckily have had few, if any, issues with IF running iOS 13.3.1.

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Ya I just fired up IF on both, no issues whatsoever, and I haven’t experienced any historically in the last day or two. The 11 pro still flies, and the mini is still chugging a bit on IF, but that’s nothing new. I haven’t seen a problem with performance in any other intensive apps either…

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So is 3GB ram good for my iPad 7th generation.

Yeah, from what other’s have said so far in the that thread I linked, 3GB seems decently fine. 1GB and 2GB RAM are the hardest hit, 3GB goes by fairly good. Best thing would be to do as the FAQ says, in the thread @Tsumia at the top, and then trying out to fly for yourself and see ho many hours you can get before the app closes. I’ve had 17hrs, I’ve had 19hrs, I’ve also had only 15hrs of flying with 3BG RAM devices, so it can vary.

Personally on a daily basis I use the iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2018 Model) with 4GB RAM and with that I can manage to easily fly for 20-24hrs before the app decides to crash. So Yes, 3GB RAM and upwards will work much better than the 1BG and 2GB RAM devices which doesn’t necessarily perform poorly for everyone and every time, but doesn’t meet the amount of flying time it can do consequently as a 3GB RAM and more devices can.

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Yea, I just got the iPad 7th generation with 128GB after using a 5 generation with 32GB for 6 months and the 7th gen is running crazy smooth little to no stutters at all. I haven’t don’t like any ultra long hauls but I have don’t a 9 and 10 hour flight with high graphics and it was great even with the a350, which was the main aircraft that made my game crash with the 5 gen. Also how do you know what airport atc will be at with atc choice so they post it or do I have to wait to see tomorrow. I’m trying to do an ultra long haul.

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i am on the 13.4 and i can stop crashing

Which device @Tyler_Taveras?

iphone 8 they just don’t like me

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Did you have crashing before the update?

no i have not

Was it in any specific aircraft, all aircraft, what was your flight time? Does it crash immediately or after a short, medium, or long haul? Also what are the graphics settings you use? Airplane Count, Rendering Quality, Rendering Resolution, Texture Quality, Anti-Aliasing, and Limit Frame Rate.

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You’ve got a darn comprehensive list there, but I might also add any background apps, especially ones like Infinite Flight assistant that would be interacting with IF…

I’m going to test it so it’s nice to have an iPhone user close to my device specs to compare. :)

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no plane was like that