iOS iPad Device for Infinite Flight Global

I’m considering upgrading my current iPad Air 1 as I want high graphics but it just cannot do this as the FPS has been dragged down since I updated to global. Low Quality makes the scenery and plane rendering look pixelated and bad.

If you achieve good FPS at high settings using Global,
comment what your devices are. I want something that is reliable for Infinite Flight’s Global Update.

The iPad Pro is a great option!

Depends on what you want and your price range is.


I’m using an iPhone 6S which works fine so far. I’m sure a new iPad or iPhone would work great.


iPad Mini 2 I’m getting around 30-60fps with these settings

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iPad Pro 2017 12.9 64gb and it is rocking the update at full graphics and achieving 60fps.

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Ipad air 2 is awesome

Any of the newest iOS devices work really well. I personally have the Air 2 and it works flawlessly.