iOS Hotfix Missing Aircraft - New Hotfix Available Shortly

No, don’t update Infinite Flight to the most recent version until a new hotfix releases.

Oh okay thanks! I’ll make sure my IPad doesn’t update by its self!

Same here: global flight

This hotfix doesn’t really affect me, it has two liveries for an aircraft I don’t have, and atc changes and I don’t have live. 😐

Meh is all I can say


i dont know if i just got the new one but i didnt have the 787 and i deleted the app and reinstalled it

That won’t make a difference. You’ll have to wait until Apple approves and releases the hotfix to get the missing aircraft back.

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i now have it

try it m8 it will work


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yes really

i just updated and im flying the 787-9

deleted then reinstalled

WOW! That’s unexpected.
I’ll have to try.

did it work

Did it work for you?

Haven’t tried it yet.
It’s a lot of data and a lot of work.
Can anyone else confirm that deleting and reinstalling IF fixes the missing aircraft issue?

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Not sure if I will do, it won’t kill me if I can’t fly the 787 for a few days.

just try to confirm

I just tried it on another device, an iPad Air.
I deleted IF and reinstalled it.
It DOES NOT work! The aircraft are still missing.

sorry m8 let me check again

it must off not updated as i reinstalled im sorry