iOS Hotfix Missing Aircraft - New Hotfix Available Shortly

Hey everyone,

If you have received the iOS hotfix in the App Store, don’t download just yet. If you have already downloaded the hotfix and have aircraft that are missing, this is an issue that has been fixed and resubmitted to Apple. It should be available in the App Store very soon.

Another is being sent through an expedited review. If you’re an android user your update is okay to download. Those aircraft are not lost forever!

Thanks for your patience and understanding.


Good to hear!


Great! Looking forward to flying the IF 787 in those “slightly” windy conditions in SoFlo tomorrow! 😭

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Test build?

I may check this out.

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Test build you say?
I might wait a bit for that 787 😏

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Please be patient.


Sorry, I’m just really excited for the update!

I’m excited for a different update.

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Global flight 😏


Great reading this 45 seconds after i updated…


Sorry, too late.

You’re welcome BB8.

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No. But thanks for asking.

@zbelle confirmed beta tester?

Yolo I update it just then, I am on ios

Just to confirm, is this Apples mistake or FDS’ mistake?

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Probably FDS’s, but let’s just pretend it’s apples 😏

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It’s apple’s , they released the wrong build.

So we mustn’t update to IOS 10.2 I’m abit confused… But thanks so much for the info!