IOS from Android

Hello, just small question, I have new phone, iPhone 8, and my another phone is Xiaomi mi 9, on mi I am playing and have active pro sub, I didn’t try yet, just want to know, can I use one subscription one booth devices any chance? Or how does it work?


As far as I’m aware, yes, you can use one subscription on both devices.

Just make sure that your IFC account (this account you’re using here) is linked in-app to Infinite Flight, if you haven’t done that already. You can do that by going to Settings → Account → Community Forum Account and checking there.

Then simply log into Infinite Flight using your IFC username on your shiny brand-new iPhone.

However, do note that you can’t perform two flights together on two devices at the same time, from the same account.


Thank you!
And yea, I know about two devices

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