iOS crashing

Hi, my game used to crash on every long haul until I was told to go on tail mode and point to the sky and that and worked ever since, with the new fix can I stop doing that? Or should I continue just to be safe.

The update has a new fix for the crashing and the issue itself. It should be resolved so I’d have nothing to worry about. I’m doing a long haul right now without doing the methods used to avoid an app crash during 19.4 and I’m doing very fine.


I am on iPad 2018

How? MIne has crashed with every flight ive tried, even with showing no aircraft. idk

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You should still do it, my IPhone 11 that was previously fine can barely handle the new update

I restart the app before every flight and during mid flight I turn my camera to tail and point to the sky, also make sure you have no background apps running. When you are about to descent u can exit and turn on the IFAssistant

@andrewsaviation91 Try turning on Auto Low Power Mode so after a minute or two it will go into low power mode. Also try putting brightness down when AFK or not paying attention. 👨🏼‍✈️

ok. Thank you

My game isn’t crashing anymore I’m just wondering if I can stop doing the tips that were given to prevent it because they can be annoying sometimes.

It said in the update notes that it fixed long-crashes got some iOS users. I don’t think it was fixed for everyone but rather most people.

I would still point your camera to the sky just to be safe. It sucks when your on a long haul and the game crashes because it was constantly loading scenery.

I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max with 512 gigabytes and it can barely handle the update. It’s very laggy. I just finished a long-haul with lots of lags. Should not happen with the newest apple iPhone with the A13 Bionic chip.

aight thx m8