iOS_Aviator's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

No I was taking off from the 25 end.

Let me go check my replay after I finish controlling, that will clear things up…

@LoL_SmAsH I’m sure I seen you take off Runway 07R but I might be wrong


From what i seen while you were controlling I thought you were good here is a few tips.

• Make sure you read the actual request lol 😂
• Also, When you told me to make right traffic, After I done that you really should of cleared me for the option if there was no incoming traffic for 25R 👍🏻

Other than that Well Done 💪🏻

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Indeed, I am not quite sure when to clear pilots for the option or to land, I need to practice more to know more about that… Once again thank you for your advice!

No problem. If they are “remaining in the pattern” Clear then for the option as this means they can either Land and exit the runway or they can touch and go 👍🏻

Sorry that I didn’t give you the exit runway ATC instruction as I wasn’t aware that you aren’t doing a touch and go this time, gotta practice more and more! :)

It’s okay!

Alright, it was a nice flight today. But not to forget here is my general feedback:

You did very outstanding! You handed out commands correctly and in a timely manner!


Just remember to give exit runway instructions to aircraft that are landing and not doing a touch & go. But as you said, you were confused so it’s okay.

Other than that, you did wonderful! Hope to see you in your next session!

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What was the request? I remember exactly what happened during that session but forgot what request you made :/.

@RyanR was referring to the moment that he request “ready to taxi”…

Oh alright.

Few points:

  • Don’t assume. You assumed that I was going to takeoff from the 07 end. I hadn’t even entered the runway yet.

  • Spacing. A better way to deal with that conflict between me (fighter) and the Citation would’ve been to make me turn and make the Citation extend base.

  • Also, once the aircraft ahead is airborne you can just clear for takeoff, instead of the LUAW. Hold short -> takeoff.

  • Maintain slowest practical speed to Air China wasn’t necessary. There was enough spacing.

  • Also, you don’t need to send a pattern command every time unless there is a runway change.

Cheers 🍻

Clear aircraft for the option if they’re doing a touch & go or haven’t requested anything from you yet about landing or making a touch & go. Clear aircraft to land if they requested it (like if they’re announcing inbound or initially reporting their position and reporting what they’ll do).

When to clear aircraft for the option is either in late crosswind (turning right or left for the pattern) or early downwind (when they have started downwind on either side of the opposite runway). When to clear aircraft for landing is once they have made the request.

Hope this helps!

When you’re unsure, clear for the option. Option clears for landing, touch and go, etc.

Landing clears for landing.

Yes @LoL_SmAsH
I have once thought about that idea, since fighters are especially quicker than normal passenger aircrafts, however, I believe at that time you were already 2nm away from the citation, which is rather close and might cause a collision, therefore I had to command a right 360 for spacing… None the less I learned a lot from today’s section, it is my pleasure for you to be here!

Here’s a pop quiz. What transition altitude would you have given me.?

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Oh wow I didn’t realize you were an IFATC specialist until I looked at your autobiography 😂

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I would have given you 3000 ft for transition altitude… Correct me if I am wrong @LoL_SmAsH

That is why I am so glad an IFATC joined my section, it really helps boost my ATC skills!

Still controlling by the way…

I’d say 2500 seems more suitable. Airport elevation is 25ft.

“You want to assign a transition altitude that will keep them at least 500 feet above any airplanes in the pattern. For jets, that’s 1,500 AAL, so you want to assign an altitude that’s higher than that by 500 feet”

So 2500 will be suitable for most airports around sea level.