iOS_Aviator's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Hello IFC!

Welcome to my tracking thread!

Background information

  • I am looking to become an IFATC in a near future
  • I am hoping to train my ATC skills as I believe they are not perfectly refined (especially altitude changes)
  • Controlling on Training Server

Feel free to leave feedback on my ATC skills through the thread below!
I will really appreciate you all’s help!

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NOTAM: Takeoff runways 30R and 30L; Landing runways 30R and 30L

I’ll try to arrive and see what I can do. My callsign is N687HS and my username is Humars. Just got to do one thing and then I will arrive. Do you know how long you’ll open at OMDB?

Thank you for your support! @Humars
I will be controlling for 34 minutes more if calculating from now on.

I am not a professional ATC so please feel free to give me advice, I will be staying online on IFC for the rest of the section.

Alright, I’ll try to get there as soon as I finish what I need to do.

OMDB Airport


Here is my general feedback:
I would say you did quite well. You knew standard procedures and how to properly respond to requests!


I would recommend giving a pattern instruction to the aircraft to go on right or left downwind if they are remaning in the pattern and before handing over to depature.

I recommend also you giving the pattern instruction of turning base, whether that would be instructing me to do so or me turning base independently based on my judgement. Either choice is your discretion.

A tip is to go to an airport that likely won’t have depature or approach coming out of the blue so that we can focus on generally giving pattern instructions to the aircraft, like an airport in Russia or Mongolia, etc. Having two or three aircraft in coordination would be useful to teach you sequencing, however that wasn’t really the case.

Next time I will be request a transition and see how you respond! A transition is basically flying over the airport with no intent to land, I would generally recommend to keep the transition altitude above pattern altitude, let’s say 3,000ft.

Question: What’s your timezone by the way?

Note: If you see anything wrong with my feedback, please notify me (this is my first time giving feedback to someone) :/.


Thank you @Humars
It was great pleasure for you to help me out with my controlling skills.

So far for what I learned from the tutorial videos is that aircrafts flying “remaining in the pattern” pilots usually fly the pattern on their own and by the time that the ATC or the pilot feels like it is time to turn base, ATC will clear that pilot to land on runway with cleared to land or option.

I believe I initially cleared you for a left traffic while taking off 30L, but instead you turned right after takeoff. Just take this a reminder as this is still on TS so all good!

I will be looking forward to you joining me while I am controlling next time!
Once again thanks a lot for coming!

Oh, alright. Apologizes for my mistake, I will try to double-check instructions next time. By the way, any idea what timezone you are in?

This is incorrect. When clearing an aircraft to take off and make left/right traffic, a pattern entry is not required and should not be given.

An extra tip: transition altitudes depend on airport elevation, and are not always 3000ft (you’d be underground if you were at KDEN, for example). To calculate transition altitude, add 2500 to the airport elevation and then round up to the nearest 500ft.

Example: LOWW has an elevation of 600, so 2500+600 is 3100. A good transition altitude would therefore be 3500.


Alright, thanks for the clarification. I thought that was the case because when I watched tower arrivals on the infinite flight channel, I saw that Tyler gave a pattern entry to Navy 1 to go on the left downwind runway 11L. So thanks for clearing up confusion.

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I will be opening a section shortly within today, anyone who are interested are welcome to join. I will update this thread once I am ready. Thank you for all your support!

No problem! Can’t wait to join!

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VHHH Open! Feel free to come by and test my ATC skills!

NOTAMs: Using runways 25L and 25R

Alright, give me a few minutes I need to do something real quick and I’ll come back to join. Username is Humars and callsign is N687HS

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@iOS_Aviator I’ll be there in 5 👍🏻

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Misunderstood your intention there, sorry…

No problem just give me option Landing 👍🏻

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I went to the assigned runway. You need to remember which runway you assigned me to. I was taking off from the 25L end. Fighters don’t need much runway to take off from.

Indeed fighter jets don’t need that much runway to takeoff from, but what I see on my screen is that you seem to be way pass the middle of the runway and edging to the 07R instead… Correct me if I am wrong…

Still learning :)