[iOS App] Preflight IF - Pilot & ATC assistant app for Infinite Flight

Hey everyone! Welcome the Preflight IF assistant app (formerly ‘IFATC Helper’). This is an assistant app for Infinite Flight which aims to bring key information to the controllers’ and pilots’ fingertips in a clear, simple and user-friendly format.

Features include:

  • Airport information (codes, location, elevation MSL, coordinates, local time)
  • Runways (headings, surface, crosswind, headwind and tailwind calculations)
  • Weather (detailed breakdown of primary info, METARs and TAFs)
  • Active ATC facilities in Infinite Flight Live
  • Charts (where available)

We’d love for you to try this out :)

Supports iOS 10+, for both iPhone and iPad; app compliant with iPad multitasking.

App Store

https://www.facebook.com/PreflightIF/ (or post comments and questions here)

And here’s the link to the original thread:


I might have to find 99p and buy this - looks good
EDIT: I now have bought it, it is good!

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Loving the new update, the UI is much more simple and rather easy to find the information you need!


Glad to hear it :) Aside from fixing the issues with the previous version, this was definitely one of our biggest priorities. Happy that it was successful in that respect :)


Really was! Makes it all more worth the great price of 99p.

For what airports are the charts available?

I’m afraid I don’t have the full list - it’s too large :) Most, if not all, airports that are currently in the sim should be available

Okay that’s great. I’ll probably buy it soon. :)

Thanks for the support and interest :) We’ll continue to improve the app from user feedback and new ideas, so if you do get it and have any comments do let us know.


Just released a small update - mostly just fixes to minor issues that snuck into the first version. Saw a couple of crashes in the analytics, if you were affected by those then this update should take care of the problem.

Other improvements:

  • App remembers last search, and now loads that on startup instead of always one default location
  • The correct charts are loaded for airports like EGLL (full overview instead of specific terminal diagrams)

Downloaded latest version for ipad running latest ios. Great to see the runway crosswind info. Checklists does not appear at the bottom menu bar nor can find it on any other screen. Sorry dont have/use Facbook to get to the support page.

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No need for facebook, I check this thread pretty regularly so this is perfectly fine for support questions :) Re: checklists, I decided to remove them for this version. They were pretty primitive and weren’t getting much use, so it’s something I might come back to one day and do properly. It really depends on the demand for that one.

You might see a preview screenshot in the App Store screenshots, but it’s for an older version. I think it’s because Apple changed the requirements for uploading screenshots for apps - they made it simpler, one-size-fits-all sort of thing - but if you had screen-specific images uploaded already, it kept them around. Not a big issue per se, but I’ll try to address that in the next version.

Thanks for the quick response.

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@a_gudimenko… MaxAsk: What Region(s) of the world are covered for; weather (TAF/METAR), Charts (in what form (Sectionals etc), Airport Data/Layouts, NOTAMs etc. How often Updated?

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Weather - worldwide, for any airport where this information is publicly available. METAR information is more guaranteed, TAF is provided for fewer places (in my experience)

Charts - LiveFlight charts (their older form) for Ground layouts (runways/taxiways/terminals). It’s likely that proper charts will become available in one of the next versions, as some of the issues preventing this appear to be solved.

Updated - as frequently as possible. Usually this depends on the free time I have and on features to be implemented.

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It’s funny how the iPad 4th Gen. does not have multitasking but has iOS 10…
Sorry, I’m getting off topic… :P
It looks good with many charts in it… looking forward to buying it and giving you some feedback!

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Cheers for the interest :) would love to hear some feedback and hopefully you’ll find it a useful tool. Have some good ideas for future development but it’s always better to know what you guys are interested in the most, feature-wise

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Why is it that the best apps only release on iOS? Whyyyyy?

I’ll be working on an Android version soon. In fact I’ve already started, just subject to available spare time, really

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If you need anyone to test it, I’m always here😉