ios app is laggy and server goes off

hey the ios infinite flight is sooo laggy…the server goes off and on…my wifi is good…the app freezes or shuts down…i use an ipad 2018…please fix it fast…or is it any fault from my side ?

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Hello, most users with the iPad 2018 have no issues, do you have enough ram and storage?

Hey, change this into #support
Try to restart the App or to clear the cache!

no…its the first time…since two days

yea done…

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whats that ?

So if you have restar the App, try to join to th best WIFI network you have and also calm down your graphics.
Check this topic, it can helps you, its a similar situation on IOS:

If not, contact staff or a moderator.

ok…thank you

You can search for other topics to look for the solution if you want.
There are other similar problems around the forum, that can help you.

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I would reccomend doing a device restart by holding down on the turn off button and the home button at the same time as well settings in infinite flight clear scenery catch. 👍🏻

i did all that

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Can you show me the settings you have atm in IF ?

You have already a similar topic, without solution:


Can you please send a screenshot of your graphics in settings so we can point you in the right way please

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sure…my friend also faced an issue…his app wasnt responding…hes on android…his app froze a bit…and message displayed server disconnected

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