[iOS app] Infinite Pilots is out now!

Hi all,

After more than a month in the making, close to 20 iterations with the precious help of about 30 beta testers (thanks, all!), I am proud to announce that Infinite Pilots has been approved today by Apple :)

image Click here to download it on the Appstore!

What is Infinite Pilots?

It is a companion app for Infinite Flight:

  • Get notified when your favorite pilots or controllers are online!

  • Track flights on a map - you can zoom in all the way to airport level

  • CO-PILOT VIEW: hop on the right seat and follow your favorite pilot in a 3D environment!

  • Record your flight and share it on social media - yes, you can record the screen :). Please note recording currently does not work on first generation devices (Apple have released this feature in their latest iOS update, and are working to improve it so that it can work on all devices).

  • Create custom notifications: never miss when your friends are having fun flying online, or when your favorite controller is around!

To download Infinite Pilots, click here.


Q: Why isn’t it free?
A: Because it took a lot of time and efforts to develop.

Q: Will there be an Android version?
A: Very unlikely I’m afraid. I had to learn Swift from scratch for this app, and I doubt I’ll be motivated enough to learn Java as well :)

Q: Will it send me a notification when the pilots / controllers in my list get online?
A: Absolutely. And I hope you’ll like the little sound notification that comes along :) (which can be disabled, by the way). Just make sure you never force quit the app, otherwise notifications will stop working until you launch it again.

Q: How do I add a pilot / controller?
A: Click the “+” button on the top right of the screen.

Q: How do I delete a pilot / controller?
A: Swipe it to the left (like you would do with emails)

Q: 3D buildings? Really?
A: Yes, indeed. Bear in mind the co-pilot feature is still a little bit experimental, I’ll improve it in the future to better work when closer to the ground. I also need a bit of help from Infinite Flight’s API to make it work better ;)

Q: Do I need to have Infinite Flight on the device I’m using to run Infinite Pilots?
A: No. In fact, you don’t even need to have a live account to be able to use Infinite Pilots.

Q: What if I have further questions or feedback?
A: Post them in this thread :)

Finally, please note Infinite Pilots is NOT affiliated with IF or FDS.


Oh my god… If this does what it says it does, this will be amazing!


Great to see it released Pierre, congratulations!


Awesome! People like you really do go a long way to make Infinite Flight the best it can be! With all the companion and upgrade apps coming along, such as LiveFlight Connect, the joystick extension, this, and so forth, I’m looking forward to seeing the Infinite Flight community become even better!

I’m off to buy it now! Thanks for all your hard work, man. People like you really do help motivate others- I’m looking into trying to learn coding to start app development for Infinite Flight myself. Cheers!


Nice. Is the player list manually inputted by you?

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You put in the display name of the pilots or controllers you wish to follow. You can always follow me @ IFATC Carson 😏


This is awesome! I’ve always been wondering if there is a search function on the LiveFlight app to track my friends.


A search function is coming soon too :)


Looks nice, I’m pretty sure I’ll buy it in the next days :)

Do I have to download the app on a device which already has IF installed (in my case the iPad) or can I download it on my iPhone as well?


Any device will work. It’s actually great to have it on a separate device to track your own flights :)


Price is too high, I could get live flight tracker for free.

Look at the photos he provided.

This sounds awesome, follow me when I am controlling, @ Liam Williams. Great work on this app, will definitely buy it!


Congrats on the release, man!

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It’s great! There is only one picky thing I don’t like: as you can see on Dive’s photo, the box where his stats are is trimmed right down as far as possible. I think the text should stay the same, but the box should have a more defined border to it. I’m looking forward to putting this to good use!

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The autocompleting search box isn’t possible yet, we’ve requested the data for it from Matt though… :)

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Woo sounds amazing man @lollip do good work as @Maxmustang sez and good stuff will come out of it. @carmalonso @Swang007 @MishaCamp sorry for tagging but, I think ever pilot should be on this! I think this desvers a tag, no point if the people you follow are not on their :)


Ok, well I will wait :-)

What? I don’t understand what you mean.