[iOS App] IFATC Helper out now on App Store

That’s something that still needs to be fine-tuned :) Most of the charts scale ok, but occasionally something like that happens. Thanks for the report! Will look into it!

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Same issue at WMKK.
Good work anyway! THX

Thanks for reporting! The more of these we have the easier it is to isolate and fix. The way charts are loaded is different to the previous version, so some initial bumps are inevitable :)

@Major-Tom, @MarcelloM - found the issue, so expect a solution soon :)


I had deleted the app (as you know it had issues) but now I am unable to find it in the app store… am I missing something? Please advise. Thanks!

Search: Preflight IF


If I can request another feature… having the runway magnetic heading would be awesome, that is the number 1 reason I google for an airport diagram.

Yep, as American232 mentioned, search Preflight IF (I’m assuming you’ve already done that, so this is just for posterity/confirmation). Wanted to have a shorter, easier name that was a bit more flexible in purpose, hence the change :)

Re: magnetic heading, I’m afraid the short answer is that’s probably not going to be available any time soon. To implement something like this, I’d need the magnetic variation for a given airfield (at the least), and I don’t have that data available to me. Since this value is different for every airfield and changes a little over time, it’s hard to guarantee any accuracy there. (I know IF has magnetic headings, so there are some potential avenues of inquiry there, but it’s quite likely that their data has a lot more $$ attached to it :) LiveFlight, on the other hand, uses True only, as far as I know). The other thing that I should mention is that after doing some research, I’m pretty sure the wind information is given in True rather than magnetic - so there’s also a matter of consistency.

I’ve noted it down as a potential feature, so if an opportunity arises I’ll implement it.

Roger that. Reason I ask is when opening an approach frequency I always need to double-check the runway heading to make sure I am giving my intercepts at the right angle. For instance KMIA runways 08R/L heading is 92. Anyway… :)

No thanks waiting on a free IF app

Yeah understandable. It’s definitely something I’d like to have. I’m a controller as well (though I haven’t had a chance to do many sessions recently, just not enough time, and do mainly ground/tower sessions) so I can definitely understand where you’re coming from. The approach angles are ideally about 30 degrees, right? Do you have any leeway with that or is it strictly 30?

It can be 10,20 or 30 degree intercepts. But 30 is by far the best one to use.


Hey guys, we’re gonna continue the discussion for the rest of the versions in this thread:

@Carson, you can close this one now.

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