[iOS App] IFATC Helper out now on App Store

Looks like a great app, I went ahead and bought it to support you. The weather section is not working for me, regardless of the airport. Any thoughts @a_gudimenko ?


Hey, thanks for the support! I’ll take a detailed look at the weather function a bit later today, but the most likely cause is some changes to the service that I use as data source for the project. They’ve been redesigning a lot of things, so it’s likely something was broken.

I’ll try to get this fixed soon!

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@a_gudimenko… I was in the barn when this was launched and improved. A little late but “Well Done”!
Respectfully, Do Good Work, Max



Just bought it, nice work! Now I can spawn my aircraft at the right terminal! Great UI. Also, you should consider adding arrival and departure charts.

Thanks, guys! Happy to have the great feedback @Maxmustang, @Boeing_777 :)

Arrival and departure charts are on the to do list, absolutely. The hardest part is finding a reliable source for these, but if it’s possible - it’ll happen.

Re: earlier question about the weather info, I looked into the issue; it seems they did change some internals around. I’ll try to get a fix happen as soon as possible


Hi, I just bought this app.

It doesn’t seem to be working for me. Whenever I type in any 4 letter ICAO code it says No Airport With This Code.

Any help will be really appreciated.


Hey; sorry about the inconvenience- it’s a known issue, caused by a complete redevelopment of the data service we use. I’ll fix this as soon as possible, unfortunately I’m the only developer working on this and my full time job is in a very busy period. Hang tight, it’ll be fixed asap



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Hey buddy, for a while this app hasn’t been working. Each time you enter an ICAO it says Airport doesn’t exist. Not sure if this is a common issue or not but it happened after the latest update. I can PM for more info.

After scrolling up it looks like it’s an issue. Could you please try and address this? Thanks bud I understand your busy, but this app is very useful.

Cheers mate! I’m afraid this is a known issue, caused mainly by the data provider doing a major upgrade/rework to their service.

Now to some good news!

  1. I’m actively working on a fix right now. The progress has been a little slower than I’d like due to my job and other obligations, but it’s back in active development.
  2. Once this update is published, I’ll be starting work on an Android version.

Apologies for the down time, I will keep you posted on the progress.


Thanks, you have my trust buddy,

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Android 😢😢😢😢 why must my inferior phone have none of these amazing apps

@Insertusernamehere Once the iOS rework is completed, we’ll start the Android version in earnest.

Just to get an idea, what kind of OS are you running? I’d rather not code to anything below API 21 (Lollipop), and preferably even higher (M or N), but this largely depends on what you guys are using.

On another positive note, a bit of a progress report. The data issue is resolved to roughly 75-85%. We’ve also made some significant changes to the user interface that should make the information presentation nicer while adding lots more useful functionality to the app (some is still a concept/work in progress, so won’t be shown on the previews I’m attaching below). As usual, time is a precious and scarce commodity, but last week has been one of the most productive periods for us of late - so you won’t have to wait much longer.

Thanks for continuing support!

P. S. Also, apparently I can’t edit my own opening post now. Not sure what’s going on with the forum and user rules these days, but the app has been renamed to Preflight IF. This will be reflected once the new version goes live, and has already been updated on our Facebook page.


This is a marvel in engeneering for any infinite flight controller, to the developers of this amazing application thank you very much and it could help out when airports are 100% packed to the limit, will be handing you my wallet shortly, the developers of this app need more credit than what they have. Great Job 👍

Cheers for the feedback! It’s great to hear that it’s been useful and helpful to IF community! :) Advice from us would be to wait until the up to date build is available (unfortunately the one on the app store now is broken), otherwise you’re welcome to grab it now and wait for the update. If nothing goes terribly wrong, should be just a few weeks from now.

I am lollipop 5.1.1, as are most reasobaly new cheap-medium priced phones

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A quick update on where we’re at :) still a bit of work to do before it’s ready for testing and release, but we are getting there!




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Man, I’m sorry for you but several months has passed from your promise to fix and still not working, we payed for a service that doesn’t work.
Hope you’ll find a solution soon.

Full time work has that effect :) as you can see from screen shots, the new version is functional, and will be available soon. Last month has seen a huge amount of progress, so if everything goes well we will finish everything by the end of May. Long story short - solution has been found, we’re right in the middle of implementing it :)

Trust me, we hate the delay as much as everyone else, but for a number of reasons it didn’t make sense to do a patch to the version currently on the App Store - it would mean we’d have to rewrite the same thing twice.

Hey everyone! Our update has hit the App Store at last :) Sorry about the long wait.

In this update:

  • New, revised UI with more detailed information
  • Primary weather information displayed in a broken-down format, together with active flight rules
  • New view for Runways (they’re now in a separate screen, to allow for better presentation) with crosswind calculations and runway numbers coloured for wind conditions (same as the previous version)
  • Charts (static charts provided courtesy of LiveFlight), accessible through the coordinates/elevation row or the runway view
  • NEW: Controller information. The app will show whether there are manned facilities at the airport of interest, and which facilities are active at the time in Infinite Flight Live. By default, the bottom row in airport lookup will show expert facilities for that airport first; if no controllers are available on expert, it’ll check training server, and will show ‘not available’ message otherwise. Tap the > in that row to see all active stations.
  • Fixed: all the weather and airport information retrieval issues from the previous version. You should now be able to use the app as normal.

We decided to temporarily remove the checklists screen. It wasn’t used a great deal, and there’s a lot more we can do with that side of things in the future, so it’ll return one day in a better form. There are also some minor improvements and new features that will get updated over time, so make sure you provide us with feedback :)

As usual, any concerns, questions or issues - let us know

@MarcelloM @ChiefPilotLachy @MannyG @Divij


Great to hear! One info,i was looking the airport chart,at EGLL and as you can see from the picture showing only T4,I’m doing something wrong or not?