[iOS App] IFATC Helper out now on App Store

Is not just ceck list in theory if you click in the topics you should have information

It is a checklist though. Look at the title: "GND/TWR Checklist"

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As the other guys mentioned, this is simply a checklist. To review weather and airport information you can use the first two tabs to look that data up.

The checklist you’re looking at is a tool to make sure you haven’t forgotten something before you start controlling.

In the future, there will be features that use PG and ADV server data, so stay tuned :)

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Ok, understand, thank you all. I like it!

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Just published a minor update to the app, featuring an Events tab. This enables to add an event and set a reminder time, so if you scheduled an ATC tag-team or a group flight with someone, you can keep track of it (a local notification is shown when it gets to the scheduled time). Note this isn’t synched with IF servers in any way at this point, but with sufficient interest it’s something that can definitely be looked into.


Hey guys :) hope you’re enjoying the new update so far. There are a couple of things to note: just as Infinite Flight, we cannot respond directly to reviews. If you’re experiencing any issues, the best place to report them is here, or on our Facebook page.

Second note: we have a couple of reports of the app crashing on when entering ICAO code in the airport info screen. This seems to be a very rare occurrence, and force-closing the app by double tapping the home button and dragging the app up should normally fix it (if it doesn’t, try the usual restart device/reinstall app steps). If you continue to experience issues with this, please report with any steps to reproduce/device and OS versions. Cheers!

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Anyway to keep our “favorites” Say top 10-15 airports ?

@a_gudimenko any hope for a Android version?

Actually been thinking about implementing something like this since the beginning :) so yes, definitely! Just need to think about the most elegant way to implement this within the current interface, but certainly achievable from a technical point of view.

Re:Android app, that one unfortunately has a longer way to go. More and more people are asking about it though, so we’ll make a start on it at some point this year

To note, what we’d like to achieve before starting android is a definitive feature set for iOS which includes live IF data among some other things. Also I know iOS programming much better than android so there’s a bit of a learning curve and decisions on exact implementation that need to be made. Hence the reason it hasn’t been implemented so far :)

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Just getting first impressions of this app, and it’s pretty awesome. I can totally see myself using this when controlling, using the airfield diagrams and charts, and all the other airport info without having to toggle around on my main device. Something I would like to see in the future is implementing of the runway number colors (Green, yellow, and red) in the airport info runway list. Almost like a quick glance way to make general judgements on runway use

@Zachary_Meir_Tish Cheers for the feedback! Btw the runway colours are already implemented :) if you tap the button above the list of runways (the one that looks like a little house - it’s a weather station image), it’ll sort the runways for you from most favourable wind to least favourable wind, and will colour code them accordingly

iPad example :)

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Oh well that sucks:( I’ve just have to wait if there is any hope for Android.

Little hope :(

Android user here too

Cool, I will check it out too.

Android will eventually come. But we’d like to focus on the our iOS version first.

Hey guys! For those of you who use the app so far or would like to try it out, we just pushed a relatively small update. Mostly it’s about internal polish, to improve code quality and to set the ground work for new features. However, there are a handful of new things to improve the experience:

  • Checklists now show a ‘completed’ view with a checkmark when all items have been marked off.
  • Australian charts now load correctly. This has been a thorn in the side ever since the charts launched for IFATC Helper, so we’re quite excited to have this working
  • The navigation to the chart screen has been slightly changed. Generally speaking, it makes for a quicker and more visually pleasing transition back and forth, and a better fit for the existing user interface/screen flow
  • App version can be viewed in the ‘Help’ section. The icons in most places now have a higher resolution, so they are nicer to look at.

Most other stuff is code improvements, as mentioned earlier, but long story short it should make the app a bit faster, and even though we haven’t had any significant problems with the app so far, the new internals make it more robust and future-proof.

Lastly, for anyone who is wondering what on earth this thread is about:
IFATC Helper is a companion app for Infinite Flight. Axel and I wanted to make a tool (aimed mainly at controllers, but certainly of great use to pilots too) that will bring all the important information to you without distracting you from flying or controlling. All it takes is a multitasking-capable iPad, or a secondary iOS device. We find it an awesome tool, and hope you do too. Its main power is in looking up any airport that has a four-letter ICAO code to get data like sea level elevation, airport diagrams, crosswinds, METAR and TAF weather transcripts and so on.

It’s been quite a busy couple of weeks in the Infinite Flight world. The update featuring the long-awaited 787 is rolling out; LiveFlight just received a shiny new facelift; there’s a new Flight Cast episode - and of course our app. Try it out if you haven’t already, and happy landings! If you like what you see or have any issues/suggestions, let us know in this thread or on our facebook page :)



The 1.3 version has just been approved by Apple, so check the App Store for the update! The new stuff is as follows:

  • GMT and local airport times on the main Airport Info screen (GMT is always available, local appears upon search)
  • VFR/MVFR/IFR/LIFR indication on the Weather Info screen. This will give you at-a-glance idea of the visual conditions for a given airport, so you know what to expect whether flying or controlling
  • LiveFlight charts integration. This gives the ability to select between the original available data source and LiveFlight. Currently LF charts are available for controlled airports, - we’ll keep you updated if and when this changes.
  • New icon for Charts on the Airport Info screen. This should make it a bit clearer, especially for new users
  • A fix for the METAR/TAF information retrieval. As some of you will know, both Infinite Flight and IFATC Helper have been affected by alterations to the service that provided weather information. This update solves the issues caused by that.
  • Added a small animations when screens are cleared for airport and weather search functions. A cosmetic change only, but little things count :)
  • Finally, there have been some little UI improvements and important crash fixes that should help with stability. Last iteration had some unattended cases that should now be fully addressed.
    Enjoy the update, leave a review in the app store or drop us a line here. Please report any issues so that we can address them as swiftly as possible!

i wish this is on android :/

We actually started some work on it already :) It’s still some time off, but work in progress nonetheless


This is a really interesting and well thought out app great job .

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