[iOS App] IFATC Helper out now on App Store

Hi everyone,

I’m happy to announce a brand-new app for iOS that myself and @Axel_Beder have been working on for the last couple of months.

IFATC Helper is a companion app for the Infinite Flight Simulator, designed as an assistant application for Air Traffic Controllers in Infinite Flight Live. Want to have important data at your fingertips before starting? This is the app for you.

The app brings together key information for controllers, including:

  • Airport & runway information (ILS data, wind data, elevation > MSL and so on)
  • Weather (METARs and TAFs)
  • Crosswind calculations
  • Checklists for controllers
  • Charts*

The app is usable by both PG and Advanced controllers. We support all devices running iOS 9 or above, and iPad users can use this app with the multitasking feature.

Check it out on the App Store:

…and keep up to date with our news here:

We’d like to thank our awesome team of beta testers who provided lots of invaluable feedback, and everyone who shown us support so far. We hope you enjoy it :)


Once I get $0,99 in Apple Store credit, I will DEFFINETLY buy it.


Cheers mate, thanks for the support. Let us know what you think once you get it :)

What about Android?

I will do that

At this point there’s no Android version; no promises, but depending on demand we might look into it eventually

You know you don’t have to have a Apple credit card? It can take it from the credit card that is connected to the Apple-Id?

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It’s simply a lightweight utility for controllers to help with planning. In IF, when you select an airport to control, all you get in the menu is a set of frequencies you can control. To know the weather, what runways an airport has, etc, you have to either go look it up online over a bunch of different sites, or hit the ‘fly’ button and hope there is no traffic while things load up and you take in the environment you’re gonna be handling.

This app gives you this data without even having to open the app, so you can make some of those decisions in advance. There is the advantage of starting with a clearer picture of your local airspace and knowing, for example, what your pattern altitude would be; if you’re working with an approach controller it allows you both to look at what runways have ILS equipped and coordinate together, if it’s an ILS approach operation. All of this without actually having to start your session and using up the precious time when you should be monitoring traffic.

Lastly, the checklist is like any checklist a pilot would use (as far as intent goes), just aimed towards Infinite Flight ATC.

The feature set is small at the moment, - I’m planning to work on this further and add other stuff. I just wanted to start with something that’s simple, looks good, and works reliably. Obviously no one is forced to use it, but if people find it a helpful tool, then I’m happy.


Amazing app, any reason why its paid?
Edit: NVM the itunes description did no justice

Because work generally isn’t free.

I don’t want to put words in their mouths but that’s my take on it.


Hahah cheers for the support, glad you like it. Mostly just to break even on costs for things like code management tools, the apple dev subscription that allows you to publish the apps, that sort of thing. As I wrote in the earlier post, I’m gonna keep working on it and add other stuff (not getting into the details for now, because it’s in the embryonic stages at best rat the moment), but the initial purchase is the only thing that’s gonna be charged. All the updates are free and the pricing will stay at this tier :)


On another note, do you think the description is accurate, or should be altered? I can change it for next release if need be

Maybe more descriptive like how you described it. I-Tunes seemed a bit vague to me but that was just me

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Agreed, I’ll see what I can do :)


Or maybe add more screenshots. I like to see different aspects of apps before I purchase. A picture is worth a thousand words! :D Great job though and I will buy it soon:)

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Check our Facebook page :) there are a few other pictures there! :)

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Hey everyone! The 1.1 update has just been approved by the app store. This update brings crosswind and headwind calculations for each runway, ILS information, ability to sort runways by wind conditions/ascending order /descending order, charts and many other improvements. Check it out on the app store here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ifatc-helper/id1089503125?ls=1&mt=8 and drop us a line in this thread or on our facebook page if you have any feedback.

Thanks for the interest and support so far!


Hi,already buy,one question how to see this info?is just connected with adv server or also pg?image

Its a checklist, @MarcelloM. Just like how pilots have one.

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