iOS 9!


iOS 9 is out! I am doing my usual KNUC - KSAN Route, iOS 9 compared to iOS 8, it has mixed performance! It has gotten a little bit laggier -_- Loading the App seemed faster, its kind of mixed. Just thought i would let all you know!


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Thanks for the update that iOS 9 is out. I have noticed that it was a bit laggy on the beta but I’m sure there’s room for improvement at FDS’ side.

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Nice to know, keep update with us any lag, I wait few more days, thanks

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Thanks for letting me know :D

I will update my old iPad 4 as well, even if it’s gonna become laggier…
Hope to upgrade the hardware soon.

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How do you like IOS 9? I’m going to wait until IF updates to IOS 9

Thank you for your info this is really helpful:)

I have no lag on my iPad Air2 with iOS9. All running very smoothly with Max graphics and with traffic.

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Did my first live flight with IOS 9, and everything is fine. The only thing is that Siri says words a little slower and says


I find most of her speech has improved though (in terms of pronunciation). Just wish we could change the voice in IF from the default.

Me too so far iPad air2 works smoothly only wish can change the voice from IF default.

Since the update IOS 9 yesterday I can use anti-aliasing without restriction. Iphone 6+…

I downloaded IOS 9 this Thursday night on both my IPhone 6 + and my IPad Air . iF was working fine in the difference of the ATC voice on the live mode . The following day , IF keep crashing on my IPad but still fine on my IPhone . I uninstalled it twice and reinstalled , same result. Need help!!!

Just finished a flight from KTPA - KMIA using the ios-9 update. Wasn’t bad.
The SIRI voice doesn’t say UNICOM correctly. It pronounces it as UNI-CUM.
Had to laugh at that one!

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