iOS 9


We are aware of the crash. Please don’t use unreleased software unless you are an actual developer and need to.

Not working

Actually Im trying to use it to test an app we are going to release called AeroChat


What does AeroChat do?


I would be happy to tell you what AeroChat does Sean! It’s pretty much like WhatsApp except you can have group conversations through voice and text. We hope to implement this into iOS soon, but it is currently only on Android. You can check it out now on Google Play.

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Except I’m purely Apple so I don’t have Google Play


So you could basically do the same thing as Skype?


Yes, but the group is almost always in action. Meaning like its pretty much like a walkie talkie app. Where users can cay something it will send that to all recipients, and you can also make the group chat go live where you can talk like Skype.

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thats what Zello is.
but best of luck!

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Yea, but its more orientated around actual pilots, and virtual Airlines.



yeah, but keep in mind ios9 is very bugged out, hopefully the dev will resolve this! :smiley:

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Very true Nick!


Hi, I have installed yesterday the iOS 9 beta 2, the problem is always present! It’s possible the find a solution? thanks a lot


We are aware of the issue. This is a problem with an API we are using and there is not much we can do until they fix it (they are fixing it). We will keep you posted.


Yes, I wish I didn’t have to upgrade to iOS 9 but because of my job I have to stay updated. I’m only 24 hours on it and having IF withdrawals! So happy to hear you’re updating to support sooner than later!


I used the iOS 9 public beta and it still doesn’t work :frowning: (the one which was released by Apple)


You answered your own question. Don’t believe that everything is going to work, because it’s not.

Honestly I think Apple made a mistake by releasing a public beta. I bet at least 85% of those that downloaded it just wanted it for kicks and had no intention of testing it, and have never even sent a feedback/bug report to Apple. Beta software in general (in my opinion) should be solely dedicated to true testers and developers.


Yes I have the same problem

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