iOS 9: With autopilot engaged, COMPLETE loss of control.

Re: iOS 9

I’m a experienced Infinite Flight sim pilot.

Since the update, I’m experiencing COMPLETE loss of control, shortly after engaging the autopilot, with very light crosswinds.

There’s no response to any of the flight controls.

B737-700 - Los Angeles

With the autopilot disengage, all appears good. Will update everyone, if that changes.

I’m using a iPhone 6+

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I’m not experiencing any problems at all with the autopilot. Weird.

Moved to bugs.

Was your device calibrated prior to activating AP/did you re-calibrate your device while under AP for some reason?

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Yes. It was calibrated only once, initially after loading, for flight.

i have tthat too. i always think it is the wind. it has happened in iOS8 too. i have 6+ too