iOS 9 Update ATC problems and Wifi

I’ve updated my iPad4 to iOS9.

results: the APP if crached when i tried to connect an ATC.
even; the (wifi) connection isn’t stable.

I’ve tried two solutions

  • recover the network connection (ipad wifi issue)

  • and disabble location facility

Is this a IF bug or iOS 9 bug??

Tried restarting the iPad? Tried reinstalling IF?

Works fine for me on iOS 9

Hi guys
I updated my Ipad air with ios 9 this weekend and it crashes immediately when ATC is broadcasted. I also just udpate my annual “GOLD” subscription (USD$50) so I would really like to get a solution to the problem if it exists otherwise I will be flying in solo mode for a while.

Appreciate any other comments/solutions other than a re-install of IF although that may be the only solution.


Just reloaded IF and it still crashes when atc broadcasts. Not good.

correct; i did the same and Infinite Flight still crashing, when i connect or contacting any ATC.

The problem is the location. try to disable the location.

  • You can turn Location Services on or off at Settings > Privacy >
    Location Services.

This is (probably) the reason: Infinite Flight is writen in the English language (US) but my location and language is Dutch (Nederlands) also my iPad. My wife has the same problem with Candy Crush (after the iOS9 update, the language is change from Dutch to English)

Does your IPad fixed or not? If not you could try restore all your data once you have done backup and it is worked on my IPad2.

Hi Gerrit,

Thank you for your suggestion. I changed the location settings and unfortunately it still crashes when atc is broadcasted.

Which tablet you use? series / version / brand?

Tell me more about your wifi connection or router.

  • look into you settings about the firewall

Hi, the tablet I use is an ipad air with 32G, wifi version only.
My wifi router is abt 5 years old but I will have to check into the firewall issues and later this weekend when I have more time. Again thanks for help thus far.


My Wifi is also mit stable. Sometimes it goes off and later in again.

This seems to be a problem with language packs for ATC voice (English US missing, which is causing the crash). I’d try going to Settings - Siri - Language, and set your language to English US. As far as I’m aware, it will download the language pack that IF needs and you should be able to contact ATC on IF normally.

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I am happy to report that with the apple update to 9.0.1 ios as uploaded this morning, I no longer have crashes when atc broadcasts. However I do notice the occasional screen freeze for fraction or second or so on occasion, and this with light traffic/atc activity. I hope it holds in busier times online. We will see. Meantime I am happy to be able to fly with atc without real issues.

Thanks to all for your help and suggestions.

Best regardz