IOS 9 no active subscription

I just updated to ios9 on my ipad. When I open the app, it asks me for my apple id passward…then says restoring purchases. After a few seconds it takes me back to the main screen and says no active I.F. Subscriptions found…I know I have an active subscription (for a year). I deleted the app entirely, and re-downloaded…still having same problem…any ideas?

Nearly certain my subscription is still active…dont even think its been live for a full year yet to have expired…

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Are you positive you signed into your (Google, or Facebook etc.) account correctly? Try going back to that.

Nope…just tried it again. I always used google to log in. Even if I go into user account within I.F…hit log out…and then re-log back in it does the same thing. I can still see my current standing, hrs played etc… But it will not allow me access my subscription for live.

Just for the heck of it I logged into my gmail via safari just to make sure I had the right password…which I do.

As a self check, if I purposely entered it wrong in I.F. It gave me an error…so I know its the right info…

Wow. Mysterious. I’m sure david will be able to answer it.

Ya, this one is throwing me for a loop. Never had an issue before…and I Have been playing live since the day it was released.

Just sent the I.F team an email through thr help section of the app…curious to see what they come up with.

Thanks for your suggestions though…

Yeah, please say something here on what they say. I’m interested to see.

Well are you sure your sub. Is still active? The one year anniversary for live just passed. I have noticed traffic has decreased in the servers too.

What error message comes up?

Most common cause for this sort of thing is simply that the incorrect Facebook or GooglePlus account credential has been entered.
This happens all the time. It always turns out that someone just forgot the original credential used for the initial set up.
It could be something else, I won’t know until you describe the exact error message.

Actually traffic has increased. The Load does not reflect on the real number of users. It’s just a percentage of the total allowable user capacity, not the total number of actual users.

I’m not complaining. It would seem that most people that re-subscribe are good pilots with a years worth of practice. Being an adv atc is more enjoyable with more experienced pilots.

Updated to iOS 9 and It keept everything and didnt have to log in again or any problems

If the 1 year anniversary of live has just passed then it is very likely that would be the issue since I signed up the day it was released…the timing of me upgrading ios and and an expiring subscription just is just a coincidence then.

Cant believe its been a year already…guess its time to re-up. Thanks for your help everyone.

Dave - cheers to you and your team with this app. Looking forward to future updates.