IOS 9.0.2 update?

there is a new IOS update for apple products 9.0.2, i just wanted to know of anyone who had updated their IOS has had any problems with the app? THANKS!

Yes I’ve got it, no problems at all… :)

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Thanks for the input! i’m a little hesitant about updating my ipad with new updates until i know it wont affect my Infinite Flight!!! the other apps on my ipad don’t really matter at all lol


Haha that’s fine, I’m kind of like that too :)

Unless you use a non-English language, I have seen no problems. If you want the new features I would go for it.

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I would say wait ;)

Pro-tip: you don’t need the extra “?” all over your post, it doesn’t improve it in any way :)

ps: I fixed it for you

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thanks i was beginning to worry that everyone was going to be distracted by my ???

Minor software updates like this one never caused troubles with the app.


and you expect me to know that?

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i understand that but technology is technology, which does encounter bugs at times

Hi there,
I’m a bit sad due to the fact that after I updated my iPad to ios 9.0.2, infinite flight doesn’t work at all. It closes as soon as I try to open it. All other apps work just fine so I am a bit confused. What are my options?

Me too I literally wait until people say it’s safe to do so