iOS 14 should I wait for a IF support update

Hey quick thing I wanna know for my iPad if I should update it to iOS 14 or wait for the update to support the iOS update? As when iOS 13 came out people had some issues.
I have a iPad 7th gen if that helps.

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I have zero issues, and I’m on iOS 14. You’ll be fine, I reckon. :)


I’ll think about it wait maybe I am in my phone rn that has iOS 14 I like it but imma wait to here from others but that helps thx

I just updated and it works just the same as normal. You’ll probably get this notification when you first open it

Just click accept, that’s how IF will connect to IF assistant, Inflight operations report and live flight connect if you have a joystick. I wouldn’t wait for 20.2, cause IF really dragging their feet with this one.

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I’m running iOS 14 right now, I haven’t tried infinite flight, but from what I’ve heard, it’s all good

I wouldn’t say they are dragging their feet. 20.2 and ios14 have nothing to do with each other.

You should be on the latest update for your device. It may introduce pop ups confirming new connections but it is for your safety. It is not something IF can control.


I know that they don’t have anything to do with each other. He asked if he should wait to update his phone until 20.2 was released (from my understanding), and I simply meant that it’s taking a while, so I wouldn’t say wait to update the phone until 20.2 has been released

i dont see the problem as long as the phone works smoothly. usually i update everything ASAP but with the recent covid-tracking things I am more reserved now

Ok that helps I’ll update my iPad later

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