iOS 14 Inaugural Flight

After a few days testing out the stability of the initial iOS 14 beta software, I decided to make my first flight on the upcoming iOS, and I’m pleased to report Infinite Flight runs pretty well with only minor frame drops.

This flight took place last night on the Expert Server in a TBM, departing KMEM in the evening and landing in MPEJ early this morning.


Nice! Its a risk with Infinite Flight on the IOS Betas as the devs don’t support them - but glad its working so far.


That is good news! Let’s hope it is as good with the real thing ;)

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Sounds cool, might get the beta when public betas arrive because I don’t think it can get worse than IOS 13. But the biggest one is controlling with IF on mac, looking forward to that a lot

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For me it didn’t worked… sometimes IF freeze and then crash ( On long-haul flights)

Really don’t reccomend it for now

How does it work now?

I’m not the OP, but I’ve been on the developer beta since the release and I’ve had not one issue!

I’m on IpadOS 14 Public Beta 3 with Ipad Pro 10.5 and except for more battery drain it is amazing actually