iOS 14.2 Beta - Issues w/AirPods Pro

Hey developers,

Some bugs still on Beta iOS 14.2 in GM (Gold Master) with the AirPods Pro and some crashes.

When I would like to use AirPods on another devices next to the one I use IF, they are connected first on IF playing. But when I want to disconnect, no sound show up on IF.

Thanks for your help.


Hello! :)

This is primarily an iOS issue and not something on our end.
Until iOS 14.2 is a fully public release, we can’t make any adjustments. This is simply because Apple have a tendency of making adjustments themselves due to various issues which in the end might break the app even further if we adapt to a Beta version of iOS.

Been there, done that :)


Thanks for your help.

I hope with the iOS 14.2 final will be resolved this issuse.

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So do we :)

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