IOS 13 Support

With iOS 13 being released on Thursday, it would be great for IF to be optimized for it. Though the dev team is possibly already on it.

This shouldn’t be in the features category…


Hey there!

As every new version of a specific operating system is released, IF is built and optimized to be able to run in it. So nothing to worry about, the Devs are almost certainly on it by now!

Also, make sure to vote for your own feature request!


Well I have iOS 13 Beta and nothing has changed.

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Just saying there’s been a few IOS updates this year. all issues with sound you probably have seen is due to the fact that IF doesn’t support beta operating systems updates, and there’s bound to be bugs if you run a beta operating system update (Ex. IOS13) They only support officially released OS updates so when IOS13 is released if there’s any bugs or anything expect them to get fixed🙂😉

We will of course support it when it is released (: